General conditions

By using Getclose's services and registering for a profile, you accept the following conditions

Access to services
By registering to these services, you accept to :
- never send unsollicited (spammy) messages to members
- never try to sell services or promote services to members
- never engage with any otherwise illegal activity

All services on GETCLOSE.IN are restricted to users over 18 years of age. is authorized to block or delete data from your account at any time, without prior notice nor justification.

Use of the servies is limited to one account per person.

Messages exchanges
All message exchanges are carried out under your own responsibility. We advise you to be cautious when exchanging messages with unknown people. Do not give any personal information nor any banking details to people you have never met. When establishing a new meeting with an unknown person, choose a public place and try to bring other people along with you or tell your relatives where you are going.